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Travel Blog

Prague Reunion

Jessica Litwak

It was wonderful to return to Prague on the last night of this long voyage to see a puppet show at Archa done by an 80 years old woman who manipulated the gorgeous carved puppets her 86 year old husband had created. To eat dinner with the wonderful artistic directors of Archa and brainstorm about future projects, to reunite with 6 of my students who came to meet me and finally to be invited to a holiday party at the wonderful Alfred space where we talked and laughed and drank hot punch until late into the night. I head to the airport soon to return to the United States with mixed emotions. Yes, great to see daughters, dogs, own bed. But somewhat hesitant to return to the land of Trump - facing the realitiy of the U.S. where I am both lonely and at home. And knowing what I have experienced here in Europe these last five weeks has been life changing and profound.